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Rossetti Productions
Finding New Ways to Express Our Christian Values
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Welcome to Rossetti Productions

We have a right to believe and a right to express our Christian values through film, music, books, and through the content found right here on our website.

Individual Growth Is Spiritual As Well, Not Just Bones And Muscles

We all grow naturally. Without much effort, we see bones develop from infant stages into adult hood, from soft pliable material to hard matter. We see muscles grow and we feel ourselves getting stronger with time. All of this occurs naturally, as we eat, work, and play. But what does it take for us to grow spiritually? Spiritual growth requires a conscious effort of introspection and analysis. If we want to grow spiritually, we need to be by turning our thoughts in instead of out. Instead of focusing on wha...


How To Raise Children In These Times With Strong Christian Values

Raising kids in the twenty first century challenges parents more than ever. Culture calls out to kids, wanting to form them, while many parents want their kids to grow up with a biblical background and faith-based set of values. So how can a parent ride against the tide of culture to raise strong kids with strong faith? Church attendance certainly makes a different, but parents need to be parents, and they need to use the resources that we have available today. Consult your local Christian book store, or ev...


Overcoming Obstacles: Pushing Through With Faith

Every person on the planet is undergoing their own set of obstacles and burdens at any given moment. And those obstacles can cause different reactions; hard-heartedness, regret, guilt, anger and anything you could possibly imagine.How we handle those obstacles is the real test of our faith. While some respond with rash emotions, some use these as an opportunity to exercise their faith and overcome those obstacles through dedication and hard work, so that they in turn, can make them better people. Faith is t...


A Brief History Of Christianity

The majority of Christians believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel, the son of Jewish parents, Mary and Joseph, a carpenter, who had travelled from Nazareth to pay their annual taxes. Mary gave birth, so the story goes, on the 25th December in a stables and Christian countries mark that as the beginning of their calendar, in a similar manner that Buddhists and Muslims mark the birth of their spiritual leaders as the beginning of their calendars.However, not very much is really known about Jesus and...


How to make the Easter Sunday meal

The end of lent, the fasting season of the Christian calendar, culminates on Easter Sunday. If you've given up sweets, or chocolate, or taken to doing something extra during the lent period, Easter Sunday is the day that you cans top and go back to eating those beloved sweet treats. If your household is anything like mine, breakfast on Easter Sunday consists of cracking open your Easter eggs and munching on chocolate. However, it's not just a day to eat chocolate - it's also a real family day and the bank h...


The Symbol of the Christian Cross

The topic of religion is often a touchy one, and often results in an apathetic discussion at best. However, no one can deny the prevalent influence that religion plays in many people's lives. In the Western world, Christianity still dominates as the most popular religion among millions of people. And it is impossible not to recognize the many significant roles Christianity has played throughout history, whether it be through politics and government, wars and crusades, social structures, ideologies, and of c...


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